Always in stock sneaker bots ?

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Always in stock sneaker bots! Have you ever wondered why some sneaker bots are sold out and some are always available to purchase ?

Why are most sneaker bots sold out ?

A sneaker bot is just software, the creators of these sneaker bots could hand out millions of copies if they wanted to because it costs them nothing to replicate. Yet they don’t. Why ?

Sneaker botting is a highly competitive activity as a result many sneaker bot makers limit the amount of people they give access to their bot.

Having too much traffic to a website, runs the risk of a specific backdoor being patched fairly quickly by websites causing the bot to be less successful.

Also, most sneaker bot developers have to take into account the amount of people they are able to provide good customer support to.

If you are new to sneaker botting, sneaker bots are kind of confusing and it takes a lot of effort to get users up and running with the bot successfully. Even moderating the community of a sneaker bot is a full-time job that only gets harder the more members are in the group!

The last and the most obvious reason is that if everybody has a sneaker bot, then nobody has a sneaker bot. Shoes are so high in demand that everyone would buy a copy, which means you’ll be competing against people who have bots making it 100% a game of chance.

Now, buying shoes is already a game of chance. HOWEVER

Sneaker bots are meant to give you an edge over the normal shoe buyer that would typically just attempt to manually purchase shoes. Competing against other bots is a losing game.

For all these reasons, sneaker bot makers have “restocks” of their bot and if a sneaker bot is good enough you can count on it being sold out 99.9% of the time

Some examples of bots that are frequently sold out:

This has gotten so bad that we have tools designed to help cop bots during a restock.

What are some good always in stock sneaker bots

Many people in the sneaker botting community look down on always in stock bots but this is the best way to get into sneaker botting without spending a fortune renting a bot or buying them at HUGE resale prices.

They’ll help you get a feel of sneaker botting before you take the plunge.

Here are some good always in stock bots that you can get to start out sneaker botting

  • NSB (Nike Shoe Bot)
  • AIO Bot
  • BNB AIO Bot

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Cybersole Review 2020

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What’s cybersole ?

Cybersole is a sneaker bot. It’s targeted towards buying limited sneakers before they go out of stock. It retails for 300GBP, with a renewal of 100 GBP every six months (you get 6 months of free updates after purchase).

Review of Cybersole

Cybersole is an all in one bot. Some all in one sneaker bots they tend to be outperformed by bots that focus on buying shoes on a specific platform, like supreme for instance.

This makes a lot of sense because the more focused bot developers are on a specific site, the more time they have to study the intricacies of the API and reverse engineer it.

So, does this apply to cybersole as well ?

Cybersole appears to hold it’s own VERY well and beats these stereotypes, with it’s best module in our opinion being it’s shopify module. This sneaker bot has an impressive list of sites that it supports, which makes it an even better all-rounder.

Cybersole has a wonderful user interface. The combination of green and grey-ish blue is very easy on the eyes.

But even the worst sneaker bots have great user interfaces these days. Let’s talk about what really matters: Success

When it comes to success, cybersole has been one of the most successful all round sneaker bot for a very long time. Developing a sneaker bot is insanely difficult task, platforms like Supreme/Shopify make a lot of changes to their API’s to prevent botting. Yet, Cybersole is still successful.

cybersole success

They have somehow managed to stay on top of the game for several releases.

The community for the tool is strong and developers appear to try their very best to provide new and existing users with enough information to succeed with the bot.

One thing that also sets it apart from other bots is that cybersole has a slick companion app that allows you to control your bot from your mobile device! Pretty cool.

One con is that cybersole only works on windows computers. This limitation can be bypassed by using a windows server, or by running Bootcamp if you have a MacOS computer.

Cop or Not ?

Verdict: Cop

Cybersole is a great A.I.O sneaker bot and definitely worth it’s retail price. Cybersole is currently sold out but they do have restocks.

Follow their social accounts if you’d like to keep tabs on when it goes back in stock, you may even need a bot to be able to cop this specific bot (yeah sneaker botting is meta like that, welcome to the club) because the stock gets taken fast.

Your other options:

  • Rent the bot from someone who has it, this adds up over time.
  • Buy the bot at resale price (Around $5000-6000+)

Whether resale value is worth it will be covered in an entirely different post but given everything we’ve seen so far, it’s likely that this price is justified as well.

If you’re thinking of using Cybersole we 100% suggest that you pull the plug, even at resale price, we believe you can make your money back if you are familiar with sneaker botting.

Botting ain’t easy, even with one of the top software tools out there like cybersole, you need to put in the work.

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